Calculator³ is a professional-grade 3-in-1 scientific, graphing and programmer calculator.Get it now for FREE on the App Store



Intuitive UI

The UI is engineered with a minimalist design which delivers fresh experiences such as syntax highlighting, live button feedback, basic/advanced keyboard layout—and much more.

Advanced Functions

Calculator³ offers a variety of advanced functions over industrial calculators. It supports decimal factorial, combination, permutation, just to name a few.



Smart Tape

The tape of the graphing calculator allows inputting and evaluating any math expression. It is fully editable and supports basic clipboard actions.

Precision Graph

The graphing algorithm uses advanced adaptive sampling routine to generate plots while filtering asymptotes accurately. Alter the field of view and trace points of interest with simple gestures.



Numeral Systems

Up to 64-bit operations (with visual binary table) supporting binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal numeral systems.

Character Encoding

ASCII or UTF-16 character encoding displayed for the active operand as well as for every entry of the stack in RPN mode.


Today and Watch

Today Extension

Mini calculator readily accessible from the Notification Center so you can easily perform basic calculations without unlocking your phone!

Watch Extension

The Watch extension offers a standalone basic calculator that auto-evaluates the answer as you type—no need for an equal button, and no need to pull out your phone.


Simply access any of the 3 calculators or the Settings Panel at the swipe of your fingertip.

RPN Mode

RPN mode is available for both scientific and programmer configurations. Enable this feature in the Settings Panel.


Choose from a package of beautiful themes available for a 1-time in-app purchase.